Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

At Salt Lake City Counseling, our main focus of sex therapy is to create a safe, comfortable environment where couples can talk openly about their sexuality. 

During a session we will discuss the reasons for seeking help, the causes of having these issues, and the resolution. It is quite common for couples to lose sexual intimacy during a relationship. The hustle and bustle of life can get in the way of the more important times. That is why we believe it’s crucial to make time for each other during the week, even if it is just for a quick chat about your day. The little things can add up to having a better sexual relationship as a couple because sex and connection go hand in hand.

Here are a few tips on keeping sexual intimacy alive in your relationship:

Don’t make sexual intimacy a routine 
Carve out time to spend with each other
Create new sexual patterns 

Our trained professionals can assist as you follow these and many more pathways to greater sexual fulfillment. Throughout the counseling process, couples will learn how to increase sexual intimacy, desire, and fulfillment.