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Providing excellent services to those in need! At Salt Lake City Counseling,our caring team is here to guide couples and individuals on their path back to one another.With the help of our team, it won’t be long before your feelings for each other are blossoming once more!


Salt Lake City Counseling

It can be easy to fall into the routine of life – working long hours and losing track of what is important, it becomes tough to find time for each other. We believe that sharing these issues with a professional can drastically increase the satisfaction of your relationship.

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Our goal in a couples counseling session is to increase awareness of positive and negative emotions, to help couples grow together and rebuild a happier, healthier relationship!

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    All of our therapists now offer both telemedicine (video) and in-person appointments – with no waitlists.
    We are also an in-network provider for most insurances.
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